Sakal Advertisement Rate Card (2019)

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Edition Circulation (Copies) Classified Text
Aurangabad 2,00,772 Rs. 445 ( /5 line ) BOOK NOW
Khandesh - Rs. 632 ( /5 line ) BOOK NOW
Kolhapur 1,91,291 Rs. 632 ( /5 line ) BOOK NOW
Mumbai 1,12,445 Rs. 1135 ( /5 line ) BOOK NOW
Nagpur 23,574 Rs. 205 ( /5 line ) BOOK NOW
Nashik 86,451 Rs. 455 ( /5 line ) BOOK NOW
Pune 5,36,781 Rs. 1650 ( /5 line ) BOOK NOW
Satara 41,761 Rs. 170 ( /5 line ) BOOK NOW
Solapur - Rs. 235 ( /5 line ) BOOK NOW


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