Udayavani Advertisement Rate Card (2019)

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Edition Circulation (Copies) Classified Text
Bangalore 1,65,655 Rs. 300 ( /10 word ) BOOK NOW
Hubli - Rs. 250 ( /10 word ) BOOK NOW
Manipal 59,768 Rs. 450 ( /10 word ) BOOK NOW
Mumbai - Rs. 250 ( /10 word ) BOOK NOW


Thanks for your query. There are three types of ad formats available one is classified text and the other two are classified displays and display ads.Classified texts are simple run on line ads charged on the basis of per lines, words or characters used in the ad content. While classified display and display ads are charged on the basis of per square centimetre unit. You can use graphics, logos and images along with texts. If you have any queries you can call or chat with us at :9030119494. Emai
Thanks for your query. Udayavani is one of the popular newspapers in Karnataka. Ad booking in Udayavani is of a great advantage to advertisers. You can book ads through book4ad,we are a popular ad agency. Book4ad helps you book ads in a very easy and hassle free manner. To book ad in Udayavani newspaper in Bangalore edition click on Rate card.You can enter our website and go through the ad booking process. If you have any queries you can chat or call us at :9030119494. Email us at :support@book
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